The DARK TRUTH Of Becoming An Olympic Athlete

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10 Dark Secrets Of Being An Olympic Athlete Nobody Tells You.

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Being an athlete isn’t easy, and becoming an Olympic athlete is the hardest pursuit of all athletics. It’s complete dedication to a singular cause at the expense of every fundamental thing that makes one human. Money? No sir, you’ll spend a hundred times more than you’ll earn. Social life? Forget it, you’ll be too busy. Personality? It’s unnecessary and even detrimental; you’re an athletic machine - it’s distracting to be anything else. Love? It’s an abstraction; the only love is greatness. These propositions are frightening, of course, but we all know why people risk them - for the fame and the glory. But these, as athletes too slowly figure out, are temporary and shallow; fleeting pleasures with little substance. Once the excitement wears off, Olympians are left with aching bodies, aching spirits, and tons of debt. And these are the ones who make it. Ninety-nine percent of athletes fail in their pursuit of Olympic glory, and we’ll show you that failing is far from one-dimensional.

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