Why Hosting The Olympics Isn't Worth It Anymore

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10 reasons why no one wants to host the Olympic games anymore.

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They’re the pride of hundreds of countries, and the joy of billions of viewers. The Olympics are the best athletic events in international competition, and even the most indifferent sports-viewer is compelled to pay attention - at least a little. Even if one refuses to watch, they would be reluctant to besmirch the Olympics on purely diplomatic grounds. Because hating the Olympics is hating positive global relations, for which the world is desperate. Often the only reconciliation between feuding countries happens at the Olympics, so who would want to criticize such a positive institution of friendly competition? We will. It’s not the Olympics we have a problem with, but the hosting. It’s become clear that host cities can’t provide or sustain the requirements for Olympic competition, and instead of improving the cities’ circumstances, the Olympics tend to leave them worse off than before. Though for two weeks the lucky cities’ are at the top of the world, the residual debt kicks them to the curb. The Olympics run through cities like a gold-digging girlfriend. So, we reasonably ask, should cities continue to bid for Olympic hosting “privileges”? Will all variables considered, we don’t think it’s worth it.

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