10 CREEPY Things Discovered By GOOGLE MAPS

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Strange and mysterious things that have been captured on Google Maps.

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Google Maps has the whole planet under its surveillance in order to provide us with the directions from A to B, all at the click of a mouse. With its satellites and street view vehicles scattered all over and above the globe, Google Maps has an abundant treasure trove of creepy as well as funny images that are taken at random from every point. There are even parts of the Earth that we never knew about and which Google Maps has discovered. Most of these images are incredible! Whether that is actually what is in the pictures or it is just an optical illusion, you cannot help but feel a bit creeped out seeing these images. And you would not be alone. You will find online forums and threads dedicated solely to the discussion of strange things that were captured in these bizarre photographs. We have collected a handful of images from Google street view and satellite that we believe to be the creepiest the internet has ever seen.

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