WORST Movie Mistakes That Slipped Through Editing

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10 Hilarious Mistakes That Can't Be Unseen

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By now you know that we here at TheRichest absolutely love movies. We love the classics just as much as we enjoy taking in all the latest new releases. Yet, from Alien to Castaway to Wonder Woman, despite the entertainment, we just can’t help but pick apart all the tiny mistakes we find. Think of it like Easter eggs - only instead of intentional items hidden throughout by the director, these are mistakes that eluded the editing room crew. In most cases, once you find out about these gaffs it’s all you can see the next time you watch the film. Cameramen visible in shots, continuity errors or just plain old things that don’t fit in – we’ve assembled another 10 mistakes that will have you paying extra close attention the next time movie night rolls around.

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